High-Yield Facts For Medical Students

Kristy Crowley - May 02, 2017

So, now you know our story is more than cheese and sausage (check out Hello, We Are AMBOSS). Our real passion is helping medical students like you prepare and succeed on exams. Periodically, we will feature important components of the AMBOSS platform. This week, our focus is on our interactive Qbank and our extensive clinical knowledge library. While these two aspects of our platform are strong enough to stand alone, when synchronized, they become an even more powerful learning tool.

"Let’s start with the Qbank, where the questions are more than multiple choice."

Our interactive, subject-optimized Qbank allows you to choose how deep you want to delve into a topic. The wide array of content and features have something to offer for just about any type of learner and the program adapts its recommendations to both a user's past performance and current study needs. 

Some questions are more challenging than others. The AMBOSS Qbank doesn’t just give you the answers to questions you may not understand - it teaches you how to solve USMLE-style questions (in Practice Mode). Simply put, you are getting the knowledge you need to score high on any exam while learning how to answer USMLE-style questions more effectively.

How does it work? The yellow “Highlight Relevant Terms” function is built-in by our team of physicians to identify key components of specific topics and assist you in mastering all of the complex parts of a particular subject for a more holistic understanding of the material. Highlighting not only helps you answer the case-based questions, it teaches you how to scan a question more efficiently to increase your speed and accuracy when choosing an answer.

Still struggling? You may just need a hint. Accessing the “Attending Physician Commentary” function will give you a clue, just like when you are on your rounds.. Plus, you don’t just get the answer - you can keep trying until you choose the correct response!

Now, that’s the Qbank alone. Imagine this combined with in-depth medical knowledge, just a click away!

"Our interactive library is the heart and soul of AMBOSS."

Each Article is up-to-date, concise and interlinked throughout the program. In-depth synchronicity makes the library of Articles comprehensive and comprehensible all at the same time. Continuously updated clinical content, which is tailored for both instant review and high impact learning, is readily available. When succinct with the Qbank, you can study smarter, not harder.

For example, all of the information from the Qbank transfers into the affiliated Article, so you know exactly where your knowledge gaps are. By activating the “High-Yield” function, the information condenses to an easily accessible and high impact collection of content which pinpoints the most crucial components for each specific question. The green highlights align with the information necessary for finding the correct answer to the question at hand and can be viewed side-by-side for a complete understanding.


  Here is the AMBOSS Qbank sychronized with our Learning Card for optimal study prep.   Here is the AMBOSS Qbank sychronized with our Article for optimal study prep. 


The combination of synchronized and succinct functions makes a huge difference - it allows AMBOSS to be the study platform a user wants it to be. Focus only on questions, pinpoint only the areas you need to study harder, or use it as an entire learning platform for study and exam prep.

In a nutshell, the Qbank and clinical knowledge library is everything you need at the click of a button. No more wasting time looking in outdated books or trying to find the information you need via Google. No more need to keep a separate notebook. By accessing AMBOSS, you have 100% uptime of studying- not searching or managing content. It saves you time, which leaves more space for studying and those other important things in your life!