Your Personal Medical Dictionary

Kristy Crowley - Mar 02, 2018


Have you ever come across a medical term you can’t quite remember, but don’t have the time to look it up? Problem solved. We aren’t usually into bragging, but we’re the only medical education platform offering Phrasionary - your personal medical dictionary. Woohoo! 

You may be asking, ‘Why is this important for me?’ For medical students unfamiliar with certain topics, Phrasionary helps you efficiently fill in any potential knowledge gaps by briefly explaining clinical concepts. There is no need to spend additional time looking up the information elsewhere, since it’s all right here, readily available. Rather than being forced to read up on a specific medical condition, you can decide for yourself whether or not you need the extra information, allowing for a more personalized learning experience.

Step and Shelf questions almost always require an ‘application of knowledge’ rather than simply recalling facts. Understanding the medical content allows you to apply that knowledge in a problem-based setting to answer USMLE and NBME questions correctly. And the best way to retain information is to understand it. If there are existing knowledge gaps in your understanding of the medical topics, then you’re more likely to forget what you’re trying to memorize. Phrasionary is the missing piece to that puzzle.

So, we’ve determined why Phrasionary is useful for medical students unfamiliar with certain clinical topics, but why would it be important for those already familiar with the material? Sometimes we get a bit rusty with certain topics and our understanding may start to decline. In such cases, a brief review may be all that's needed to put our understanding back on track. Since everyone remembers (and forgets) things differently, each individual's experience of what needs to be recalled will be unique. In these instances, Phrasionary can be utilized for a quick review of the topics that we’re no longer 100% confident in knowing. Having the ability to quickly reference these topics helps solidify this knowledge when it’s most important. 

Instead of scouring through multiple resources to look up unfamiliar topics or to revisit familiar ones, just hover over specific medical terms in our Qbank to access a quick review. If a more in-depth understanding is needed, Phrasionary links directly to our Articles, where you can access all the high-yield information necessary for individual topics. With Phrasionary you can craft an individualized learning experience that is right for you.