Don't Let Neurology Test Your Last Nerve

Anna Piazza - Apr 26, 2018

Long and complicated stems, obscure terminology, and only 165 minutes to answer 110 multiple choice questions: the Neurology Shelf Exam is notoriously difficult.

Due to its reputation, students tend to start preparing for it as early as they can, taking full advantage of every available occasion to study and go through practice questions. And it’s not just quick reviews over pizza, but full Qbank sessions in those rare moments of downtime between rotation shifts. It goes without saying: it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But making the most of your limited time is easy when you have a solid study aid and reliable neurology resource—the right one will integrate smoothly into your routine and get you feeling confident about the exam. AMBOSS is that resource, and its extensive—while focused—Neurology Qbank and Knowledge Library are chock-full of high-yield topics. Get your fill of stroke syndromes, dementia, Parkinson's, Guillain–Barré, and much more by studying via interactive multimedia materials. It’s your key to getting your neurology basics down and identifying high-yield information quickly. You’ll crush the Neurology Shelf and honor your entire rotation by establishing a strong framework of knowledge you can refer to time and time again.

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