AMBOSS Insights: Exam Mode

Kristy Crowley - Aug 09, 2017

There are more ways than one to test your knowledge under similar NBME exam-like conditions. While you can activate ‘Exam Simulation’ to replicate a near identical NBME testing environment or mimic similar exam parameters by creating a ‘Custom’ or ‘Quick Session’ in our Qbank, you can also mirror Exam Mode within your regular AMBOSS sessions. Here's how...

Get Started By Deactivating Guidance Mode

  • Once you’ve opened a session in the AMBOSS Qbank, simply toggle over ‘Guidance Mode’ and deactivate the platform feature.
  • By deactivating ‘Guidance Mode,’ the ‘Attending Physician’ and high-yield tips won’t be accessible or visible.
  • If you find yourself stooped - no sweat! You can reactivate ‘Guidance Mode’ at any time by clicking on the icon. 

Rule Out Incorrect Answers

Another cool feature, when in ‘Deactivated Guidance Mode,’ is the ability to eliminate answers by clicking on the ‘X’ located on the right side of the answers in the Qbank. For example, if you know that choices A, B and C are incorrect, click on the ‘X’ next to each answer and a line will be drawn through the choices. Not only is it just like your exam, but helps you get to the right answer choice faster!

Highlight Key Words

Here’s another trick! Even though high-yield tips are inactive in ‘Deactivated Guidance Mode,’ you can still highlight key words that you deem important. To do so, hover over the word or words that you find relevant and click and drag your mouse. This will keep the text highlighted until you move on to the next question. 

Activate Learning Cards

Yes, the Learning Cards are great and might be missed when in Exam Mode. If you find yourself lonely without them, toggle over the ‘Guidance Mode’ icon and reactivate the feature. This way, you can access all the high-yield material you need, including X-rays with overlays, CT scans, MRIs, H&E stains, flow charts and more.

Get Your Results

Once you complete your session, you can either ‘See Analysis’ or click the back arrow button and review individual questions to see how you did. Didn’t fair so well? You have options! You can either retake the exam in deactivated mode or activate the platform to access the ‘Attending Physician’ and high-yield tips. 

This is the first of our many ‘AMBOSS Insights’ to come. Stay tuned for more AMBOSS platform highlights each week. Until next time, enjoy Exam Mode!