Get Ready for the USMLE Step Exams With the AMBOSS Qbank

Anna Piazza - Aug 01, 2022

There's no doubt that the USMLE exams loom large for medical students. As the exams needed to obtain your medical license, their importance cannot be overstated. 

Dive into the AMBOSS Qbank and ace your next exam. 


From passing Step 1 to getting the score you want on Step 2, these exams will play a pivotal role in the residency program you match into later on.

Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. The right resource will help you navigate the topics you need to know and equip you with the tools you need to succeed

AMBOSS is that resource. We offer you a powerful combination of:

  • Comprehensive Qbank 
  • Cross-linked medical library 
  • High-yield information
  • An exam mode feature
  • Personal analysis
  • Personalized study recommendations 
  • Pre-made study plans for Step and Shelf exams
  • Custom study planner 

The AMBOSS Qbank has a study mode that will train your exam skills and help you dive deeper into a topic during your study session. Try it yourself!

Click on the interactive demo below and explore 


AMBOSS meets your every study need as you advance through medical school. Here’s what you’ll find:

Side-by-side studying

With AMBOSS, you get more than just a Qbank. As you go through sessions, you’ll be able to delve deep into any topic by opening up the medical library side-by-side with each question.

A comprehensive Qbank

Browse through challenging USMLE Step-style questions that feature diagnostic materials like lab samples, images, and more. Plus, you can train under exam-day conditions by simulating the USMLE interface with our exam mode feature.

A fully equipped library for Step 1 and Step 2

Get the full scope of Step 1 with the basic sciences area of the library. You’ll find traditionally defined disciplines like anatomy behavioral sciences and biochemistry, as well as interdisciplinary areas like genetics and molecular and cell biology. 

All the info you need to score high on Step 2 is in the AMBOSS library, including everything you need to answer ethics and social science questions. 

Highlighting and high-yield mode 

Get the most essential information from any article at a glance with the highlighting tool. To get through articles as quickly as possible, condense them by turning on high-yield mode.

Personal assessment tools

Enable the learning radar to highlight the information you missed during your Qbank sessions in red in the articles. For a complete overview of your progress and personalized recommendations, refer to your personal analysis

Take and Save Personal Notes

Bring your own interpretations and outside knowledge to the table by adding personal notes and comments to the articles. The more you add, the more you can centralize your study in a single resource.

AMBOSS Add-On for Anki

The wildly popular add-on for Anki allows you to connect high-yield articles with all your favorite decks. You can hover over terms in the flashcards to see pop-up definitions or open the relevant AMBOSS article right there in your flashcard. 

AMBOSS offers you even more opportunities to study and succeed on the USMLE Step exams with an arsenal of interactive multimedia table quizzes, sample diagnostic images, videos, SmartZoom cell samples, and more. And it’s all on a digital platform that you can refer to anytime, anywhere—even offline.

AMBOSS is the only resource that accompanies you throughout your entire medical career—including your residency years. AMBOSS will be there with high-yield materials for the NBME® Shelf exams, Step 1, Step 2, and residency. Have fun exploring!