clinical rotations

Advice From a Fourth-Year: How to Write and Publish Clinical Research

From working hard on the USMLE® Step 1 exam to holding leadership positions in a specialty’s ...

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On the Wards: How to Use AMBOSS for Clerkships

Clerkships are the time when everything starts to come together. The relevance of all the lectures ...

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The Essential White Coat Items for Clinical Rotations

The transition from classroom (well, virtual nowadays) learning to clinical rotations is one of the ...

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On the Wards: The Unwritten Rules of Clerkship Etiquette

You’re kicking off your clerkships this year, and there’s plenty to finally sink your teeth into as ...

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On the Wards: What to Know About Getting “Pimped” in Medical School

Starting your clinical rotations is an exciting, if not slightly nerve-wracking, experience. After ...

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