How to Utilize Self-Assessments When Preparing for Step 1

As any medical student can tell you, preparing for “Step 1”, our first in an endless series of ...

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AMBOSS Step 2 CK Self-Assessment 2021 Results

That’s it! The first annual AMBOSS Step 2 CK Self-Assessment is over. Before we dive into the ...

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Self-Assessments for USMLE® Step 1: The Right Tool for the Job

USMLE® Step 1 is often regarded as the most difficult and important exam a medical student will ...

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Why You Should Take the AMBOSS USMLE® Step 1 Self-Assessment

For good reason, self-assessments have long been thought of as a core resource to use when ...

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Step 1 Self-Assessment 2020: Results and Analysis

The second AMBOSS USMLE® Step 1 Self-Assessment Week is over for another year. Now it’s time to ...

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AMBOSS is a medical learning platform helping future doctors excel on their USMLE and NBME exams. Complete with a comprehensive library and Qbank of high-yield exam questions, AMBOSS offers detailed analytics of your study progress and goals—allowing you to study smarter, not harder.

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